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In our modern world warranty and service are linked together. It is not only imperative to have a strong warranty for your windows and doors but to know what will happens in the event of a problem. This is where service becomes so important. Many companies offer a lifetime warranty but have been in business for very few years.

Seaway offers a Lifetime Warranty on most of its products backed by an 8 year installed labor warranty! Most companies offer nothing or very little when it comes to the labor portion of the warranty.

Service of your Seaway Window Warranty comes at absolutely no cost to you! You pay no labor or transportation cost! Most companies require that you notify them in writing of any warranty issues; here at Seaway we encourage you to call or stop in to inform of us of any issues or problems. We will schedule a Seaway Window Employee to come out to your home to inspect your issue at no cost!


“I've been installing windows and patio rooms my entire adult life. I can say for certain that Seaway Manufacturing offers the very best products in the business. There is no substitute for quality, especially for windows and sun rooms. Windows are some of the hardest working components in your home. They have to operate 24/7. Seaway Manufacturing has been making the best windows, sunrooms and entry doors in the world for over fifty years. They have thousands of happy customers all over the United States.”

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“We have used Seaway on four projects over a period of 12 years. Let our ongoing use of this supplier be a testament to our satisfaction with the end result.”

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