Window Styles

Customize your window styles to make the perfect statement for your home. Whether you’re looking for traditional elegance with the double hung style or contemporary flair with the casement style, Seaway has a customizable window solution to perfectly complement your lifestyle and home.

Double Hung

Window sashes slide vertically and can be tilted inward for cleaning from the interior of the home. Double hung windows work well in a traditional style home. Learn more »

Horizontal Slider

Window sashes slide horizontally and can be lifted out for cleaning from the interior of the home. Slider windows come in two or three lite styles and slide effortlessly for easy operation. Learn more »


Hinges are placed on one side. Multiple casement windows can be mulled together for use in a larger opening. The casement style offers the best ventilation, maximized viewing area, and is the tightest-sealing style. These windows can be fully opened and cleaned from the home’s interior. Learn more »

Picture & Specialty Shapes 

The picture window style is simply a non-operating casement window. Picture windows are commonly used in combination with operating casement windows or as part of a bow or bay assembly. Learn more »


Hinges are placed on the top. Awning windows hinge outward and can provide excellent ventilation, even during a rain shower. These windows can be fully opened and cleaned from the home’s interior.
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A space-enhancing window style, designed to be the focal point of any room. Bow windows consist of 3 or more equal-sized casement, picture, or double hung windows that radiate out to form a semi-circle. Learn more »


Similar to the bow window style, a bay is designed to be a feature window. Consider converting several smaller windows into a three-dimensional bay. Bay windows consist of 3 casement, picture, or double hung windows. The center lite is generally the largest and parallel with the wall, while the end window on either side is smaller and angled back towards the wall. Learn more »


The garden window style is most commonly used in a kitchen area, allowing sunlight in for plants. Garden windows have a glass roof, picture window front, and operating side casements for ventilation. Learn more »

“I’ve had all my windows replaced with Seaway Windows and am very happy. I’ve referred a few people that were pleased too! They really made a difference in our gas bill too.”

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